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Background: How does our AI work?

When I came up with the idea to have an AI generate copy, I knew that I wanted the best of the best. That's why I partnered with OpenAI to use their GPT-3 neural network.

GPT-3 is an innovative and powerful new neural network. This network is not only capable of creating brand new information based on the information you provide it with, but it can interpret a general description to do so. This not only makes it powerful, but also easy to use.

OpenAI provided us with the technology. We then taught it to understand copywriting. We expansively trained it with copy and copywriting techniques straight from the best. With this knowledge, the AI quickly became an expert copywriter, and it's still learning and improving every day!

Do you want more information on how GPT-3 works? You can find an expansive technical explanation on Of course, you can also check out OpenAI's official website. It's not required though. All you need to know when it comes to Headlime is that the AI is powerful, clever and ready to create content for you.

Updated on: 05/02/2021

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