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In order to let you focus on your copy, we do our best to make the billing as easy as possible. That's why we make use of automatic billing.


Every month we tally up the total amount we need to charge for that month. This includes your regular subscription costs and any additional costs if you made them. Think of buying additional characters for the AI generator and additional users for Agency plans.

We will automatically charge this from your credit card or PayPal account, depending on which you set up.

Changing your payment information

Got a new credit card and need to change your payment information? No problem. Simply follow these steps:

On the homescreen, go to your Profile with the Profile button in the left sidebar

In the top navigation bar, go to Plans & Billing

We do not process your payment information. Instead, our partner Chargebee does this for us safely and securely. Click the Update card button in the right box.

You'll be transferred to Chargebee's customer portal. Here you'll be prompted to enter your new card information. Fill out your new information and click Add

Done! Your card information is now updated. We will charge your new card from now on.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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