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Creating a blogpost

Creating a blog post is easy. The process consists of a couple of steps.

More of a visual person? This video will tell you exactly how to create amazing blogposts with Headlime within two minutes.

We'll go over the steps one by one.

Setting up your blogpost

First, on the homescreen, go to 'blogpost'

You will see a green button labeled 'Create new blog'. If you haven't made any blogs yet, you'll also see a blue button labeled 'Create your first blog'. Click either of them.

You will be prompted with the following screen:

First, choose a language from the provided options.

Next, you'll see a large field labeled 'Describe your blog'. Here, write a short description of what the blog should be about. Try to be descriptive and use clear keywords. This doesn't need to be fit for use in a blog - just write it out in a general fashion. The description should be between 100 and 500 characters, but more words will generally lead to more fitting results.
Tip: struggling to come up with a description? Try to tell yourself out loud what the blog will be about, as if you were telling someone else. Then just write down what you're saying.

Finally, there's a field labeled 'Main keyword'. In this field, enter the main keyword(s) the blog is about. For example, for a blog about headlines for landing pages, this would be 'landing page headlines'.

When everything is filled out, click the green 'Next step' button.

You will see a prompt like the image below. You can choose to manually write a headline for your blog, or to have the AI generate some ideas for you.

If you want to write your own headline, click that button, enter it and click 'Next step'. If you want the AI to generate headlines for you, click that button. The AI will generate a selection of headlines for you. Choose your favourite by clicking the 'Select' button next to it.

The next screen will generate your intro. Click on the green button labeled 'Generate introductions'.

Three possible introductions will appear. Choose whichever one you like best. This introduction will be the basis on which the rest of the blog will be based.

You will now enter the blog editing screen.

Generating the blogpost

Generating your blogpost works in intervals. Every time you click the button to generate, the AI will write a certain amount of new text. This is usually 1-2 paragraphs depending on the setup of your blog. To generate more content, follow these steps:

In the editing field, continue the copy that the AI generated for a few words. Usually about 1-2 sentences will work. The AI will use these to get an idea of where the story should go. You know you've written enough when the grey button labeled 'Continue writing a bit more yourself' turns into a blue button labeled 'Write for me'.

Once the button turns blue and you're done writing, click it to have the AI generate more content.

From here, simply repeat this process until you're happy with the results!

To the right, you'll find an option labeled 'Advanced Settings'. Here, you can set how much content you want the AI to generate at a time. Choose "A lot" to get more content quicker, or "A little" to keep more control. It's up to you!

Rewriting sections

Not happy with a part of what the AI generated? No problem - the AI can try again. Just select the copy you want to change, and click the 'Rewrite Sentence' button near the bottom or the 'Rewrite Selection' button in the top right. The AI will then rewrite that text and try to make it match your expectations better.

Fixing grammar

Unfortunately, grammatical errors happen sometimes. However, the AI can automatically fix them. This works almost the same way as rewriting a segment of text. Just select the text you want to have fixed and click the 'Fix Grammar' button at the bottom or the top right.


Want to save your blog so you can continue working on it later? Not necessary - the blog is saved automatically! You can quit Headlime at any point and continue later exactly from where you left off.

Updated on: 09/02/2021

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