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Creating a document

Creating a document from a template is simple. To start, on the homescreen, select 'Documents' to go to the document editor.

Next, in the left sidebar, click 'Templates'.

From here, hover your cursor over the document you want to make and click the 'Create document from template' button that appears.

Your document has now been made and is ready to be edited. You will be taken to the editor where you can freely edit the document.

Using the text editor

You can edit the document using our text editor. This editor works like any other text editor. At the top you can see a menu bar with features you can use to style your text.

You can freely type within the document to add or remove information. This way, you can finish the entire document with Headline's tools at your side before you export it.

Using variables

The variables work the same way they do anywhere else on Headlime. Simply enter your variables in the bar on the right and they will automatically be inserted everywhere they're needed in the document. If you've filled out any of these variables somewhere else on Headlime for this project, they'll automatically be carried over.

Adding additional variables

The default document naturally has a lot of Headlime's variables spread throughout it. But what if you're writing additional copy in said document and you want to include a variable in that as well? Well, you can!

To add one of Headlime's variables to your copy, simply type out the default variable value. For example, do you want to add a desired outcome? Simply type {Desired Outcome} in your text. Make sure you use the curly brackets! This will automatically be converted into a variable, and it will work like any other variable.

If you're not sure what the default variable value is, go to the variable in the list on the right and remove the value you've entered. The default value will then take its place.

Saving changes to the document

Your document will save automatically, so no need to worry about that

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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