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Exporting a document

When your document is finished, you can export it to a file. This way, you can edit it offline, share it with external partners, and basically do whatever else you want with it.

Exporting your document is easy:

When you're editing you're document, there's a button to the right that says 'Download'. Click it.

You'll get three options: Microsoft word (.docx), PDF Document (.pdf) and Plain Text (.txt). Choose whichever you prefer.

You will be prompted to download a file. This is your exported document. Simply save it to your computer and your export is done!

Note: it's possible that your browser may show a notification that it prevented a pop-up window from opening, such as the one below. This is your browser blocking the download of the file. If this happens, click the 'Options' button that appears and choose to allow this pop-up to open.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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