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Exporting your landing page

Once you're done making your page, you're ready to export it so you can share it and use it. You can share your page in two ways:

Live preview

You can preview what you page will look like in your browser by creating a live preview. You can do this by clicking the Live Preview button.

When clicked, Headlime will turn your landing page into a full preview page. This page will open in a new tab. This way, you can see what the page will look like in full.

The page will have a unique URL too. This means you can share the page with other people (including people outside of Headlime), test your page on mobile devices, etc. Simply copy the URL and share it.

Download HTML

You can also export your page as an HTML document. From here, you can change the code freely, or directly upload it to your server and use it on your site.

To download your page as an HTML file, simply click the Download HTML button. An HTML file will now be downloaded.

This HTML file is all you need to get the page working on your site. The file uses a combination of internal coding and open source CSS to build a full page all on its own. No additional files needed!

Note: to make our designs work, we use an open source CSS hosted on an external site. The HTML document contains code that automatically loads this CSS file in. Without this linked CSS file, the page will not work, so be mindful of that.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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