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Generating documents from .csv

You can use .csv files to generate a large amount of documents at once. Headlime will take your document, fill out all variables with the first line of values in your .csv, and create a finished document with it. Next, it will do the same with the next line of values in your .csv, and so on until the whole .csv has been processed.

So to simplify: did you write three lines of values in your .csv, in addition to the top line with variables? Then generating documents with it will get you three documents: one with the variables from the first line, one with the variables from the second line and one with the variables from the third line.

To generate documents from a .csv, follow these steps.

In Headlime, open the document you want to generate finished documents with. Click the Generate from CSV button.

You will be prompted to upload your .csv file. Do so by clicking Upload a file.

Next, you'll be prompted to choose a File type for your exported documents. You can choose between .docx (Word document), .pdf and .txt (basic text file). Choose whichever has your preference and click Generate documents.

Headlime will now start generating your documents. Depending on the size of your .csv file, this may take a while. When its done, it will prompt you to download your files. Simply click Download your files and your documents will be downloaded.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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