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Landing page components

The Headlime landing page generator can generate a large variety of different landing page components. The easiest way to cover them is to simply go down the list, so that's exactly what we'll do.


The hero is essentially the top part of a landing page. It's the first thing users see when they land on your page, and it includes aspects like the primary headline and call-to-action. Every landing page starts off with a hero.


In order for your product to stand out, it needs to have some unique features which set it apart from the competition. This can be anything from a core feature to impressive results to a service you offer. You can then highlight these on your landing page using the Feature element. Go with some of the suggestions our AI creates, or use them as inspiration for features you write yourself. Up to you!


The Content element consists of three parts: an effective catchphrase, an activating description and a call-to-action. These are a very effective way to quickly and effectively ask the reader to click. These are perfect for using right after an element with strong information, like features or stats.


This is probably pretty self-explanatory. The pricing element is where you lay out the various plans you have on offer and allow people to make a purchase. However, the copy you use here can be the difference between a purchase and a lost customer, so nailing it is essential. These are typically placed at the bottom of a landing page.


Want to emphasize how easy your product is to use? Or do you want to concisely explain how it works? Steps are the perfect way to do this. This is a clear, tidy and effective way to explain your product. It's easily digestible, which simultaniously lays out all the essential information and creates a positive impression.


Your product is more than just a product. People like to see who the faces behind a product are. It creates a more personal connection, and makes your product come across as more trustworthy. So grab a camera, take some pictures of your team members and show the world your smile!

Note: some of the designs available for Teams have short paragraphs of text for each individual team member. This copy will not be generated by the AI, as this text should be completely personal.


I cannot overstate the value of having an active blog on your site. They're great for user engagement and even better for SEO. If you have a blog on your site, you want to promote it right. Just follow our AI and you'll be set for success.


Research by marketing experts has shown time and time again that people like numbers. Having large and powerful numbers on your site makes your product tangible and creates a powerful positive impression. Simply use the generated stats as inspiration, dig up your own numbers and you're all set!


If your landing page is part of a bigger site, then solid navigation may be very important. I typically only recommend adding this if it's essential for the landing page or the rest of the site to work. If it is though, our professional designs are sure to get the job done.

Last but not least, every page ends with a footer. This is where you bring all the links together in a concise manner, and oftentimes there's some space here for something like a newsletter signup. However, don't think of the footers too easily. These too should be clear and accessible. After all, this is where users will often look for something they can't find elsewhere. Our footers are designed to perfectly compliment these wishes.

Updated on: 05/02/2021

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