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Legal document disclaimer

On Headlime, we offer a selection of templates and guides for legal documents. This includes templates for a:

Privacy policy
Cookie policy
Licensing agreement
Terms of Service

These templates can serve as a foundation for you to create your own version of the document in question. However, these examples should never be directly copied and pasted.

The content of legal documents is largely dependant on your business, your product, your audience, the location where you do business, the conditions you want to personally set up, and more. In addition, a legal document needs to be exactly match both your wishes and the requirements set by applicable law. This makes writing an exact valid template for all types of users impossible.

Consider the templates for legal documents a general frame which you can build upon. You can expand on them with the information you want to include in it and with information related to the law in your area of business. The templates on their own, with just the variables filled in, are not finished valid legal documents.

Headlime and everyone related to Headlime are not responsible for anything caused by using these legal document in any way, including in both edited and unedited form. The templates are provided as-is, with no guarantees regarding their legal validity. Making use of the provided templates in any way outside of Headlime is entirely at your own risk.

To be certain your legal document is fully complicit with the law, we highly recommend asking a legal expert or other law professional for advice.

Updated on: 05/02/2021

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