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Managing documents

If you're a fanatic writer, you may quickly have a lot of documents saved within Headlime. No worries, we've done our best to make navigating and managing them as clear and easy as possible.


You can create folders to store groups of documents in. To do so, simply click the New folder button. You will be prompted to create a folder.

Once created, your folder will appear in the list. To add documents to the folder, click the Actions button next to a document, and click the Move to option. You will then be able to choose a folder to move it to.

Note: does your folder not appear among the options when you try to move a document? Try refreshing the page. This should resolve the problem.


Any good file explorer comes with a search feature, so of course we have one too. This search bar will search for all documents with names that match your search query. Simply type in your query, and Headlime will show you all matches.

Note: the search feature only searches the contents of the currently opened folder, not the contents of any subfolders or parent folders.

Renaming and deleting

Naturally, files and folders can be renamed and deleted. If you want to do either of these things, simply click the Actions button next to the document in question. From there, you can find options to do both.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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