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Team projects

Just like when working solo, anything done in Headlime as a team is done under a project.

This means anything done by a team member within a project is saved to that project. Another team member can then open the same project and continue working on it. This also means you can easily work on multiple projects. Working on promoting two different apps? Create two projects and voila!

Creating a team project

To create a team project, follow these steps:

On the home screen, go to your team in the left sidebar. By default, the projects screen should open. If not, click the Projects button in the top navigation bar.

You'll see a green button in the top right labeled New project. Click it.

You'll be prompted to enter a Project name. Enter one and click the Create new project button.

Your project is now created!

Selecting a team project to work on

Selecting a project to work on is easy: simply go to the Team projects screen as explained above, and click the name of your project.

You will now be taken to the Headlime environment where you can create content within this project.

Managing team projects

You can open, share, rename and delete a project using the Actions button that appears to the right of the project in the project overview.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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