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With blogpost generation, there are basically endless possibilities. This means that at some point, the AI is likely to try all of those possibilities. With these tips, you can be sure you'll get the best results possible.

Write more for your description

The more information you feed the AI, the more it can use to generate content. That's why longer and more detailed descriptions are typically better. Try expanding on your description with more specifics. That may improve the results.

The same is true for the phrase you write within the blog before hitting the button. Try to be more expansive or more detailed to make it more clear what you're looking for.

Try using synonyms

The AI knows a lot, but it's not a dictionary. It may not be familiar with all words that you're using. Try switching up your word choice in your description and within the blog itself by using synonyms. Switch out some words for words that mean the same. Perhaps the AI will have an easier time interpreting those. Not sure what synonyms you could use? There are countless websites out there where you can look up synonyms for a word.

Be really, really specific

Our AI may be clever, but it's not smart. It needs clear guidelines it can latch on to in order to generate solid content. Make sure your description is really, really specific. Write crystal clear explanations of what you mean, so there's absolutely no mistaking anything.

Make sure you use clear keywords

The AI works best with specific things it can latch on to. That means it really likes keywords. If you use specific words to describe your product, the AI can use those to more clearly interpret what you mean. Try to get more specific with some of your word choices.

Updated on: 09/02/2021

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