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Types of copy

Headlime offers tons of different types of copy, divided into five categories:

Blog Posts
Marketing copy
Landing Pages

In addition, we also offer a six type of content:


Blog Posts

Maintaining an active blog is one of the best ways to get more traffic on your site and engage your active visitors. However, writing blogs can be very difficult and very time consuming. Let our AI help you out! Headlime's AI has been trained to write unique, engaging blogs based on your directions. Just fill out what you want it to write about, and the AI will do it. Amazing blogposts within minutes!

Within Headlime, blog posts can be identified by a blue color and this icon:

Learn more about blog posts here.

Landing Pages

Writing, designing and building effective landing pages can be a real challenge. However, what if you could just skip all that, and get a complete landing page ready to use with just a few clicks? With Headlime's AI Landing Page builder, you can.

Simply write a short description of what the page should be about, and the AI will generate a selection of page components, complete with unique and effective copy. Drag the ones you like to the editor, and your page is ready to be exported and used! The AI has been trained using landing pages designs and copy created by experts, so you'll get nothing but the best.

Within Headlime, Landing Pages are identified with a teal color and this icon:

Learn more about the AI landing page generator here.

Marketing copy

Out of inspiration for your copy? Need something unique that will blow your customers away? Let our AI write for you.

Headlime's AI has been thoroughly trained to write the best copy possible. Just tell it what you want it to be about, and the AI will write unique and effective copy for you within seconds. Headlines, blog ideas, value propositions, Facebook ads and more - our AI can do it. Infinite copy is within your reach!

Within Headlime, marketing copy is identified with a red color and these icons:

Learn more about marketing copy here).


Scripts are templates for relatively short pieces of copy which you can directly copy and use. Examples include headlines, email templates, social media posts and Google Ads. These scripts have been written by copywriting experts and optimized to guarantee the best results possible.

Within Headlime, scripts are identified with a green color and this icon:

Learn more about scripts here.


Writing necessary documents can be incredibly time consuming. Unless you have Headlime's document templates of course. These are longer pieces of text which are presented as seperate documents. In addition to filling out the variables, you are able to modify any part of these documents freely. Examples of documents include legal policies, product descriptions and a guide on writing blogs.

Within Headlime, documents are identified with a blue color and this icon:

Learn more about documents here.


Inspiration is different to the other types of content. While the other three categories all allow you to create copy for you to use, Inspiration offers you exactly that: inspiration. This category has a large selection of design components, copy and more from a large amount of websites, all gathered in one neat gallery. Here, you can get inspired by amazing content, perfect for getting new ideas for your own content!

Inspiration can be identified by a purple color and this icon:

Learn more about inspiration here.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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