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Types of documents

Headlime has a variety of document templates and guidelines you can use to create longer pieces of copy.

The first thing that should be pointed out is that not all of these are full complete templates. For some content it's simply not possible to create a complete template because they require too much of a personal approach or have too many variables to work as a template. Examples of this include blogs and legal documents. In these cases, this will be mentioned at the start of the document.

Without further ado, Headlime offers the following documents:

Privacy policy

Privacy policies can be very complex to write, but most of them have a large amount of overlap. This privacy policy template gives you a solid framework you can use to kickstart your privacy policy.

Note: this is a guideline for a legal document. Keep in mind our legal document disclaimer.

If you run a site, it's very likely you make use of cookies to make it work. Laws in many areas require you to disclose this with a dedicated cookie policy. This example offers a solid framework that can be adjusted to your personal needs.

Note: this is a guideline for a legal document. Keep in mind our legal document disclaimer.

Licensing agreement

Many digital products aren't directly sold to the buyer. Instead, they are offered a license to use the product. While this can be very beneficial for you as the seller, it's essential that there's a clear licensing agreement outlining all the conditions of the license. This general license agreement has the basics lined out and allows you to further customize it to your needs.

Note: this is a guideline for a legal document. Keep in mind our legal document disclaimer.

Terms of Service

No site is complete without Terms of Service. This is where you lay out exactly how you offer your services and under what conditions. In other words: this needs to be perfect. Using this example as a foundation, you'll be able to write up your Terms of Service with ease.

Note: this is a guideline for a legal document. Keep in mind our legal document disclaimer.

App Store descriptions

If you're releasing an app, it's important you make it stand out among the endless apps available on app stores. A solid description is essential for this. These description templates are what you need. These descriptions are written specifically to help you app score high in search results and urge reads to hit that 'Download' button. We have two app store description templates available, so choose whichever one you like best.

Ecommerce Product Descriptions

When it comes to ecommerce, one aspect that many underestimate is the description. It's easy to quickly write something up, but having a strong product description is essential for strong sales. It needs to convince people of your product's importance, lay out all important information, and do so quickly. These descriptions are written to reach those goals and more.

We have created templates in four different categories:

- Technical: This template is for products whose main selling points are technical aspects. It's made to clearly, concisely and convincingly lay out the product's features. Think of products like smartphones, kitchen appliances and software.
- Emotional: This template is for products whose main selling points are emotional aspects. It's made to establish a personal connection with the reader. Think of products like fashionable clothing, personalised items or gifts.
- Authentic: This template is for products whose main selling point is their 'authenticity'. This can entail aspects like the product being artisanal, one-of-a-kind or eco-friendly, for example. Think of organic products, handmade products, locally sourced products or products that raise money for charity.
- Insightful: This template is for products whose main goal is to provide and relay information. It's made to emphasize the importance of the subject and establish the product as a reliable resource. Think of products like books, digital resources and subscriptions to websites.

Cold Call

Sometimes, the best way to sell your product is to simply call up a potential customer and ask them. This is also known as a cold call. However, that can be easier said than done. This cold call template gives you a general script you can use to guide you in your calls. It offers you a clear structure you can use to make your phone call as effective as possible.

Extended Blog Start Templates

Blogging is an incredibly effective way to drive up site traffic. Frequent blogs engage your current visitors and give a massive boost to your search rankings. However, I'll be first to admit it can also be very difficult. That's why we've created these guidelines.

For blogs it's not possible to create a 1-1 template, like we did with many other documents. This is mainly because the subject of your blog and its target audience completely change the way you approach writing it, down to the most fundamental parts like tone and word choice. On top of this, search engines recognise copied content (like blogs using a template) and will heavily punish sites that have them.

Because of this, rather than creating a literal template, we've written an extensive guide on how to create a blog. This guide features all the steps you need to follow, with useful tips on how you can effectively and easily write solid content. Of course, we've included examples in the classic Headlime style you can use for inspiration too.

Updated on: 05/02/2021

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