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Types of Marketing copy

We've put great effort in training the AI and making it capable of writing a large selection of content. Thanks to this, the AI is capable of producing various types of content you can use. Infinite copy is at your fingertips!

Headlime offers the following AI generated content:

To find the right copy for you, we'll go over all types of AI content one by one.

Value Proposition

If you offer anything, a strong value proposition is essential. This is basically a single sentence which communicates to your customers what your product is and why they need it. You can use this on your website to motivate users, but it also works well for many other kinds of promotion.

Feature to benefit

To differentiate yourself from the competition, you need to highlight what makes you unique. What are the unique features of your product, and what do those mean for the user? This also needs to be written in such a way that not only its value is emphasized, but also that it motivates users to make a purchase. We've trained the AI to do just that. Simply give it a description of what your feature is, and the AI will turn it into effective benefits you can use on your site.

Pain x Gain x Claim

Pain x Gain x Claim is a classic but extremely effective way to interest people in your product. The basic idea is: you emphasize a problem that the reader is dealing with (pain), you highlight how much better their situation will be if that problem was solved (gain), and you present your product as the solution (claim). Headlime can write effective copy using this established formula to make your product look as amazing as it is.


In order to build a strong online brand, you need a strong tagline. This is the big quote that sums up your whole product - what you want people to remember it by. Need some help or inspiration? Simply tell our AI what your product does, and it'll create awesome taglines for you.

Product Pitch

You know why your product is awesome, but putting that into words can be challenging. Let Headlime help you with these high quality generated elevator pitches tailor-made to your product.

Facebook Primary

Ads on Facebook can be a massive source of traffic and revenue for many businesses. However, making your ad stand out among the countless other posts can be difficult. That's why we taught our AI to write infinite amounts of effective Facebook Ads. A unique ad perfect for you is waiting!

The 'Facebook Primary' option will generate copy you can use in the message of your Facebook post. This will offer a solid description that grabs attention and clearly describes what you want to communicate.

Facebook Headline

'Facebook Headline' builds on top of 'Facebook Primary', letting you generate headlines for your Facebook ads. These are essentially the titles of your embedded links, and are made to entice readers to click on them.

Lastly for the Facebook ads, we have the link descriptions. This should be pretty self-explanatory: it's the description of your embedded link that appears under the Facebook Headline you generated.

Tip: these options may be called 'Facebook Ads', but of course you can use them on other social media platforms too.

Google Ad Title

Ads on Google and other search engines require copy specifically optimized for that purpose. You need to draw people in with a strong and relevant headline. Hold back too much, and people won't click. Go too far, and people will skip your link because it looks too much like an ad. Headlime will generate search engine ad titles which will hit the exact sweetspot for an effective campaign.

Google Ad Description

Just like Google Ad Headlines, the descriptions require equally as much attention. Not to mention, they should be written in a similar style to the headline to create a cohesive whole. Good thing that the Headlime AI is a pro at that.

Website Headline

The headline is the very first thing people will see when they land on your website, so it needs to be good. It needs to grab attention, communicate what your product is, and convince people to stay and read more - all in just a few words. This option will do exactly that. These headlines are perfect to put on your homepage or landing page and engage users from the second they read it.

Website Subheadline

A website headline is made to grab attention and concisely explain what your site is about. A subheadline can offer some details or clarification to make your point more clear. Generate solid ones with this option.

Article Headline

Headlines are difficult to write for any purpose, but articles in particular are challenging. Headlines for articles have specific requirements you don't see anywhere else. That's why we've created a seperate option for them, where the AI is fully trained specifically for article headlines.

Article Ideas

Regularly updating your site with new articles is fantastic for user engagement and search rankings. However, sometimes you simply don't have the inspiration you need for new content. Thankfully, our AI is never out of inspiration. Simply enter some of your previous headlines, and the AI will generate new article ideas for you.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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