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Using the Inspiration feature

The inspiration sections have a couple of features to make navigating them as convenient as possible.

Viewing full pages

Do you see a page design that you really like, and do you want to see the full thing? Easy! Simply click on the name of the page, as illustrated in the image below. The full original page will then open in a new tab!

Desktop and mobile sites

People browse websites on their phones more than ever before, and the percentage of mobile website visits will only keep growing. So your mobile design is at least as important as your desktop design.

That's why we've made both the desktop and mobile versions of websites we feature available. To switch your view, simply click on the corresponding button. You can find these at the top of the screen:


Are you looking for a specific type of content? Like a specific component or landing pages for a specific purpose for example? Use the categories to filter them and find exactly what you need!

To apply a filter, simply click the dropdown menu in the top bar.

You'll get a wide selection of categories you can filter by. Simply select the category you want to see and only relevant content will appear.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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