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Using the landing page generator

Using the landing page generator is a piece of cake once you have the hang of it, and after reading this guide, you will.

Generating content

When you first land on the generator, it looks something like this:

First, Select the type of component you want to generate. You can do this either in the left sidebar or with the first dropdown menu.

In this guide, we'll be generating heroes for the examples. Generating any other component will work exactly the same way.

Next, it's time to give the AI the information it needs. First, there's the fields *Audience* and *Product Name*. Here, you enter who your audience is (e.g.: marketeers, entrepreneurs, animal lovers) and what your product name is (e.g.: Headlime, Landingfolio) respectively.

Next, select a design. Each component has a wide variety of designs available, each one designed by a landing page expert. Click the image under Select a design to get an overview of all the designs available. Then, simply click the design you want to use.

Finally, describe your copy. In order to create a good landing page, the AI needs to know what the page should be about. You can tell it this by writing a short description about it. This doesn't need to be anything crazy - oftentimes the description you having on your existing website or social media will do. Try to incorporate strong keywords in your description, as the AI understands these better.

Tip: Are the results off or not to your liking? Try rewriting your description or changing some of the keywords.

Note: We'll go into editing generated components later.

You are now ready to generate components! Just click the green button and the AI will start doing its thing right away. One click will generate three components.

Note: Generating components may take up to 30 seconds. Generating components costs AI character credits, just like using the AI copy generator.

Once the AI is done, you can see the results appear directly below. All the results will be saved under the All tab, so you can view everything back at any time.

Building your page

Once all the necessary components have been generated, it's time to start building your page. This is as simple as click and drag.

First, choose which component you want to add. Next, simply click and hold on it, and drag it to the editor on the right. Let go, and your element will be added as shown.

Next, go to the next component you want to add, and drag that to where you want it to go. Want it to appear between two different elements, or below another element? Simply drag it there, it's that simple.

Once an element is placed, you can edit it further using the buttons that appear when you hover your mouse over it.

These buttons allow you to:

Edit the content of the component

Move the component above the component currently above it

Duplicate the component

Remove the component

Edit generated components

Our AI does its best, but only you know what will truly work best for your product. That's why we've made it possible for you to freely change any copy the AI came up with right within Headlime. Whether it's a small change or a total rewrite, your landing page is in your hands.

To make edits to a generated component, first add it to the site on the right. Next, hover over the element and click the edit button.

An overlay will appear with the selected design and individual fields for every part of the generated copy. To change the design, simply click the picture of the current design and select the design you like. To change the copy, just change the text in the correlating field.

When you're done, simply click the grey X in the top right of the overlay or click outside of it to close it. Your changes have now been implemented.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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