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What is the landing page builder?

Building landing pages can be quite a chore. There's a lot to it, and all of it requires almost expert knowledge. Writing the copy, designing the page, building it in HTML, this can quickly become a daunting and time consuming task.

What if I told you you can just skip all of that?

Introducing Headlime's brand new landing page generator! Using the power of AI, you can get your own top quality landing page within minutes. Simply tell the AI what the page should be about, choose your favourite results, and boom! A fully functional landing page, free for you to use!

All generated using the Headlime landing page generator!

Using the landing page generator is easy and intuitive. Of course, you can edit the colours used to make them match your branding. And when you're happy with your page, you can export the page to use however you like. Edit it further, use it as a base, or just use it as is. It's up to you!

Video tutorial

We have expansive guides written out within this knowledge bank to get you on your way to generating your own landing pages. Want to quickly and easily learn how to use the landing page builder? Then watch this video tutorial and you'll be on your way!

Updated on: 05/02/2021

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