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Types of Inspiration

We offer various types of content to get inspired by. Here, we'll briefly go over all of them.


Components are parts of web pages. Think of things like heroes, features, pricing, etc. The Components category has a wide selection of these components you can use for inspiration.

You can apply filters for specific types of components using the dropdown menu at the top of the screen. More info about that can be found here.

Landing Page

The Landing Page inspiration has some of the best landing page designs on the web, collected and judged by landing page experts. Both desktop and mobile versions are available.

Pricing Page

The pricing page is very hard to get right, but it's also essential to get right. A good presentation of the prices can make or break a purchase. These pricing page designs are very strong, so they're bound to be good inspiration for your pricing page.

Login Page

Login pages may seem simple, but there's a surprisingly large amount of thought that goes into a good login page design. These examples are bound to prove that.

Signup Page

Signup pages are arguably more difficult to create than login pages. Login pages are for existing users - those who are already convinced your product is good. Signup pages are for new users - those who may still need some convincing. This means you gotta do a solid job convincing the users to click that 'Sign Up' button. Let yourself be inspired by these examples and think of unique ways to do that.

About Page

Your About page is your chance to show off some character, to establish yourself as a trustworthy and memorable person or organisation. There are plenty of ways you can approach this. These designs may give you some ideas for approaches you've never thought of before.

404 Page

In case you didn't know: 404 pages are the pages users land on when they go to a link that doesn't work. This happens when users make a typo or when the page they want to go to has been taken down for example. This is not fun, so it's best for the 404 page to clearly explain what happened and take away the pain as much as possible. These 404 pages are solid examples of how to handle this problem.

Updated on: 05/02/2021

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