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Types of AI: Davinci & Curie

AI can be complex, but we want to allow you to use the AI in the way you prefer. That's why we have two types of AI available which you can choose from. We have dubbed these Davinci and Curie.

These two options offer different results for different amounts of character credits.


Davinci is the more powerful of the two options. Davinci has been thoroughly trained and optimized to create the highest quality copy possible. With Davinci, your results are sure to be great. This requires a greater amount of computing and processing power, so using Davinci requires one to three credits per use.


Curie is an alternative that works well if you have a different goal than getting high quality finished copy. Curie uses less computing power to generate copy. This means you'll get results a little faster. Curie is also cheaper to use.

The downside is that Curie's copy will be of lower quality, as not as much computing power is used. Expect more results with errors or results that are less fitting than what Davinci can produce. We recommend using Curie if you're on a budget or for ideation purposes.

Updated on: 09/02/2021

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