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Team credits

Of course, members of a team can use the AI generators just like how you can use them in your personal space. However, just like with the personal AI generator, using the AI generators for a team project requires credits.

For a team project, the credits are shared among all team members. This means you will all draw from the same pool of monthly credits when generating AI content for the team, and top-up credits can be purchased for the whole team too.

Seeing the current balance and buying more credits

Credits can be managed by owners and admins. Users with those roles can see the overview in the Credits tab of the team screen.

You can view your current credits in the box labeled current credits.

To the right, you can view the different packs of top-up credits. If you need more credits, simply select the pack that best suits your needs and click the Purchase button. The cost will automatically be charged with your next monthly billing.

Updated on: 12/02/2021

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